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Handmade Sterling silver bangle with 9ct gold or Rose gold, Sterling Silver or Gold Filled rings to represent milestones, anniversary or anything to symbolise something special in your life.

The rings move freely around the bangle and you can hae them smooth or textured.

You can choose from sterling silver, 9ct gold and rose gold rings from the drop down menu. You can also choose to have a mixture of Gold and Silver rings by choosing mixed from the menu. You will receive half silver and half gold/rose. For example if you choose 4 rings you will receive 2 gold rings and 2 silver rings.

You can also add personalised wording inside the bangle

Milestone Bangle

  • Small:

    Diameter- 2.25 inches

    Circumference - 7inches


    Diameter - 2.5inches

    Circumference -8inches


    Diameter -2.75inches


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