My name is Victoria and I'm based in Jersey Channel Islands, UK. Jersey is 5 by 9 miles and I take inspiration from its natural beauty. 

My passion for creating handmade jewellery started with a trip I took to New Zealand. Stumbling on a gorgeous bead shop in Christchurch, I was dazzled by its handmade jewellery pieces and sparkling gemstones. Carrying the passion and inspiration with me, I purchased a jewellery making kit to keep my passion burning.

After playing around for a while, I finally decided to take the plunge and take a jewellery course at the London Jewellery School. There I learned about the basics of jewellery making and kept on working on the process on my own at home. With endless videos and books, I was able to gather all the information I needed to enhance my skills.

Making personalised and birthstone jewellery is something I love, as it holds a beautiful story that you carry within yourself. After losing both my parents in my twenties I was left some pieces of jewellery from each of them. I realised that jewellery is more then just a fashion statement but more about how it makes you feel when you wear it. Making each item unique and a heirloom to pass down to family generations.

These sentiments are what I wish to pass down in every family, so they too have something special that connects them to their loved ones. This inspires me to create jewellery pieces that tell your story.