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Just like the ocean, life is a constant ebb & Flo'

Inspired by the graceful ebb and flow of the tides, this Sterling silver ring has a moving wave texture that beautifully mimics the gentle rhythm of the sea.

Each ring is handmade, making each one unique. The ring has a beautiful London blue topaz gemstone set on the front and glistens like a deep ocean. Surrounding it, a scattering of delicate silver granulation balls, reminiscent of glistening seafoam catching the sunlight.

The Ebb and Flow Collection reminds us that life is a journey filled with waves of experiences, each flowing into the next. The ring is a symbol of resilience, adaptability and a reminder of life's constant ebb and flow.

* Handmade sterling silver

* 3mm London Blue Topaz

Ebb & Flo Ring


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