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Handmade Silver Crescent Moon Necklace. Inspired by the mystical moon and its rich folklore. The intricate floral pattern symbolizes spring in full bloom and is inspired by the Flower Moon. This necklace is a symbol of growth and renewal.

The Flower Full Moon, the full moon of May, has been celebrated for centuries across various cultures. Named by Native American tribes, this moon signifies the time when flowers are in full bloom, heralding the height of spring. It's a symbol of growth, renewal, and the vibrant beauty of nature. Many believe this moon brings a time of blossoming and abundance, reflecting the Earth's renewed energy after winter's rest.

- Material: Sterling silver

- Pendant Size: 12-15mm

- Chain Length: sterling silver 18ich

- Handmade in Jersey, Channel Islands

- Each piece is unique, with slight variations in the floral pattern

Flower Moon Necklace


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