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Personalized jewellery lets you take creative control of your wardrobe, and with one of our sterling silver bangles you have the ability to create a piece of wearable art that is unique to only you!Each silver bracelet measures 2.5 mm wide by 1.5 mm with 1 mm text.VLJewellery is proud to offer a selection of custom silver bangles made from only the highest quality sterling silver, and lovingly hand stamped one letter at a time. Each of these silver bracelets is handmade, and so with all hand stamped jewellery there may be some slight variations in spacing and line. This is proof that your piece is a one of a kind creation inspired by you!you can request any quote, set of initials, or numbers that pleases you. 

Diameter- 2.25 inches
Circumference - 7inches

Diameter - 2.5inches
Circumference -8inches

Diameter -2.75inches

The bangle needs to fit over your fist. Diameter is the inside length and circumference is the outside length of bangle. Please email if you need help

Please chose from the drop down menuwhat size you would like, shape of charm and comment in the box with your wording and which birthstone you would like

Personalised Bangle with charm


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