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British jewellery designers Q&A with Gems & Jewelry Magazine

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email from Gems & Jewelry Magazine to ask if I would be part of British jewellery designer feature in their American magazine. I was delighted that they asked me.

They sent me a few questions about my jewellery business and how I make my jewellery. There is also some other very talented Jewellery designers British jewellery designers in the article. We all have a different answers to the same question.

Gems&Jewellery presents a range of articles on gems, minerals and jewellery, alongside news, features and opinion pieces. Articles cover a broad range of topics, from synthetics, ethics and nomenclature to coverage of Gem-A field trips, events and international exhibitions. Thousands of gem and jewellery industry professionals, gemmology students, retailers and members of the National Association of Jewellers in the United Kingdom rely on Gems&Jewellery for insightful advice, entertaining features, beautiful imagery and accurate gemmological updates.

I hope you you can read the article on British jewellery designers


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