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Footprints on Sand


I design meaningful jewellery using recycled sterling silver and 9ct gold, eco friendly packaging and plant a tree with every order! While I'm not perfect, I am doing my best to create eco-friendly and sustainable jewellery and always looking at ways to improve.

Responsible tree planting

Plant a tree with every order

I'm always looking at ways to make my business more ethical. When i heard about Ecologi, I knew I wanted to partnership with them. Every time my customers buys jewellery from my website, I will plant a tree. You can find out more and also see how many trees I have planted since May 16th 2022 (hug a tree day).


All my jewellery is handmade using 100% recycled Sterling silver and 9ct Gold. I have a lot of scrap from my jewellery workshops and scrap in my studio. I will melt scrap down to turn them into pebble pendants with gemstones. 

soldering a ring with a torch
victoria liddell jewellery packaging

Eco-friendly packaging

I have spent a long time looking into eco-friendly packaging for my jewellery. I get my boxes from a company that offer packaging with the FSC certified mark. 

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